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New album Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab available now!

Website Update Archive

Quick Updates

2014-01-16: Tickets for Space Tour Dates with Republica now available.
2013-08-16: PledgeMusic launch for new album.
2013-07-21: Tour Dates added.
2013-05-16: New Festival Dates added.
2013-04-04: Full The Fleece Bristol gig added to live videos.
2013-03-06: Fortune Teller and Frightened Horses music videos added to the Videos page.
2012-10-29: The return of the Space Forums. See the mini FAQ.

Design and content updates

21 October 2012

Another year, another design update! We've finally done away with the vertical navigation menu of doom™ and now have a lovely horizontal menu bar with drop-downs instead. This then led to the following improvements across the site:

  • The videos page has been completely redone with large thumbnails
  • Each video page now has a page-filling player, while playlists are easier to navigate
  • The last two sections of the biography have been updated
  • The band members photos have been replaced with new banners
  • The about the website page has been revised to be less rubbish
  • Strangely absent transcript added to 2011 BBC Introducing interview
  • A new mascot for the page that is hopefully never seen (hint: 404)

While doing all this, it came to our attention that 30% of visitors to browse the site on mobile devices. This accelerated our plans to make the site more mobile-friendly, which it now is! On a regular PC you can shrink your browser window down to see the mobile version in action.

Quick Updates

2012-10-19: Music for Aliens MP3s updated with improved metadata.
2012-10-13: Tour Dates and Attack of the Mutant 50ft Kebab pages updated.
2012-10-11: Band Members page updated.
2012-08-11: New Space Tour Dates page added.
2012-06-15: Reviews updated with latest gig reviews.
2011-12-27: New Video section added featuring live footage and music videos.
2011-12-24: Video from the O2 Academy released with one new song per day on Facebook.
2011-12-20: Audio from BBC Introducing Session and Liverpool Live video added to Interviews.

New Space website is go!

22 November 2011

In celebration of the return of Space, we're proud to present a significant update to the website. Many aspects of the design and content have been improved, with pages such as Band Members and the Biography being updated to reflect the recent changes to the band.

Site themes are available at all times by clicking on the little squares at the bottom of the page. In addition to the default Light, there is Dark for those that prefer darker backgrounds and Suburban for those that enjoyed the previous Suburban Rock 'n' Roll inspired design.

Return of the webpeople

22 October 2010

For the past few months we've been quietly working on the first proper website updates in 5 years (yes it's really been that long!). Many changes have now been implemented, including:

  • Improvements to every discography page. All tracks with lyrics now link to the appropriate lyrics page, and every listing description has been rewritten or updated.
  • New feature on every lyrics page. All releases featuring a song are now shown near the bottom, with links to the appropriate discography listings.
  • Two titles have been added to the discography - Flies (Album) and Avenging Angels: The Best Of Space (Compilation).
  • We've introduced the site to the social media age at last! You can now join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.
  • Many small, boring but still good things like nicer page titles, simpler URLs, a new favicon and various small site design refinements.

Work is still ongoing in other areas so we'll post again if there's anything significant to mention. In the meantime we hope you enjoy these updates and continue spreading the Space love!

Forums update & server move

13 February 2009

The community has been updated to be more resilient against spammers and more functional for actual people. If you've had trouble registering in the forums before, please try again now.

We've also moved the website to a new host again. Everything should still be working correctly, though if you find a problem with the site please let us know.

Server move

20 February 2008

We've successfully moved the website to a new server. Everything should be running as normal but just in case you find something wrong or broken please let us know.

Goings On

16 October 2005

It's all happening around here at the moment!

  • A few days ago the website passed the 10,000 page views mark, or over double that including the community. Huzzah!
  • We've opened a new shop page to help you complete your Space collection. Loads of CDs for sale!
  • Phil "Otis" Hartley of The Drellas dropped by the forums to update us about Tommy and Leon's new band. Say hi!
  • We're testing out a chat room as a possible addition to the community section. Help us test it!

This update was brought you you by the society for more exclamation marks in website update posts.

Webmaster Musings

3 October 2005

As we approach the end of our first month since the re-opening, we thought it was time to post a site update of sorts.

There's not been a huge amount of changes to the website recently. Various pages have received small corrections or modifications where necessary. Please do keep letting us know if you find anything wrong or out of place, or if you have an idea for something new.

Visitor numbers continue to be high. The main site has now logged over 7500 page views since the re-opening. Progress has clearly been made with search engines as we're now seeing many visitors arrive here after searching for a large variety of Spacey terms.

There are a few new things on the site. One is a page for these website updates. This is for visitors to the site who don't read the forums and want to read about previous updates. The other new thing is only for community members (if you're not one yet, register now!) - have you noticed it yet? Hint: it's on the homepage.

That's all for now. Thanks, as ever, for visiting!

Happy first week!

15 September 2005

The new site has had an amazing 3000 pages views in its first week. That's even better when considering that the webmasters' page views aren't being counted, nor are any page views within the community sections.

A surprising number of visitors are coming from search engines, nearly always looking for "female of the species" or "space band". Yet the site isn't properly listed in them yet, so it should be interesting to see what happens when it is.

A big thanks to all you visitors!


13 September 2005

As we near the end of the first week since the site was re-launched, we've got the following new & tasty treats for you to check out...

  • New website style switcher - choose the look of the site to suit your taste
  • New never-seen-before London Metro gig photos added to gallery
  • New stripped-down guestbook look
  • A few minor corrections on various pages
  • Updated website latest ;)

Enjoy! returns

7 September 2005 is back! We've got a new design, new content and so many updates that it would be easier to look yourself than list them all here. Here are a few highlights...

  • Complete site redesign
  • Reviews feature added to all releases in discography
  • New higher-quality Music for Aliens downloads and discography page
  • New discography pages, including videos
  • New desktop wallpapers on downloads page
  • New reviews added to the reviews page
  • Improved lyrics emailer
  • ...much more!

The paint is still drying so there may be a few small problems here and there. If you find any, please let us know and we'll tackle them ASAP!