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Tin Planet Live

Filmed at Wolverhampton Civic Hall, features most of the songs from Tin Planet plus a few from Spiders.

Music Video

Released: 1998 (UK)
Catalog: 3984 23739-3


1. The Man
2. A Liddle Biddy Help From Elvis
3. Neighbourhood
4. Be There
5. Begin Again
6. The Ballad of Tom Jones
7. 1 O'Clock
8. The Unluckiest Man in the World
9. Bad Day's
10. Avenging Angels
11. Voodoo Roller
12. Fran in Japan
13. Female of the Species
14. No-One Understands
15. Disco Dolly
16. Drum Solo
17. Mister Psycho
18. Me and You Versus the World

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