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ReviewsSuburban Rock 'n' Roll - Sept 2002 -

Donna Field

The songs are quite a varied mix of styles which in itself is very Space. If I was forced to compare them to either of their previous albums, I would say they are more similar to Spiders than Tin Planet. However at the same time they are also very different... you can feel the lack of Jamie's influence but that doesn't detract from the music.

'Zombies' and '20 Million Miles from Earth' are very catchy and seem to stand out from the other songs, both have an underlying theme of love but otherwise they are very different styles. Zombies has more of a comical outlook with amusing lyrics and very 80's synth - "Pet Shop Boys gone wrong" is the most apt description I've heard so far! 20 Million Miles concentrates more on loneliness with emphasis placed on the vocals in this song, its one of those you'll find yourself singing along to without realising it.

'Punk Rock Funeral' and 'Pretty Suicide' are both slow, reflective songs for Space and again concentrate on the vocals, its funny that songs with such depressing names still manage to raise a smile. 'Paranoid 6Teen' in contrast is very upbeat with the sound of a good radioplay single.

Overall, I was impressed with the songs I've heard so far and eagerly await the release of the album on the unsuspecting public! Zombies is well chosen as a first single and it looks like they won't have a problem following it up with some of the other great tracks on Suburban Rock 'n' Roll.

Paul Wolfenden

After all these years without a new release I built up a great familiarity with the entire Space back catalog. Thus my initial reaction was "Is this really Space?". During the first listen I pondered this question so long that I didn't get a chance to form an opinion of the songs. The second time was an eye opener - this really IS Space, back at their musical peak where they belong. A few listens to Zombies and you'll be hooked - from the Addams Family style intro to the end of the song there is not a dull moment.

Space have returned with a vengeance, oh yes...