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Reviews Boston - February 1997 - NorthEastern News

Jennifer Blake

Good things come to those who wait.

This old adage proved to be true last Wednesday night at Bill's Bar when Space finally took the stage and played a set that ranged from lounge music on acid to sounding like, well, nothing you've ever heard before -- a little late, but well worth the wait.

Space had trouble getting the equipment to Boston from New York, and even had trouble once they got on stage. The keyboards weren't working right and lead singer Tommy Scott was left to demonstrate his abilities as a stand-up comic, which were actually quite good.

When the band did start to play, though, Scott's true talents were on full display. Despite the slow start, the band showed no lack of enthusiasm during its nine-song set, which included "Female of the Species" and "Neighborhood" from the bands amazing debut album, Spiders (Universal Records).

The band's translation of songs from the album to the live act was brilliant. Scott captivated the sold-out crowd with songs that covered both the odd ("Mister Psycho") and the endearing ("Me and You Vs. The World").

And the keyboard effects were, if you'll pardon the pun, out of this world. Keyboardist Franny Griffith not only filled out every song, but also took control of the show during a slightly techno number called "Growler", which literally had the rest of the band crawling off the stage.

Space is from Liverpool, but any attempts to cast the band under the somewhat meaningless title of "Britpop" should be quickly dismissed. Other than the fact that the members of Space are British and make superb pop music, they have little in common with bands like Blur and Oasis. In fact, they have little in common with any other band. Their quirky originality is what makes them so much fun to watch, leaving the audience not sure what to expect.

Even the band noted the success of the show. Drummer Andy Parle commented after the show that "the audience wasn't jumping up and down or anything, but you could tell they were really getting into it." Getting into it they were -- and with good reason.

Space's Boston stop was part of their first North America tour. They'll be returning to England soon, but a second tour of the U.S. is already in the works. If it brings them back to town, they're a definite must see.

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