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Children of the Night Lyrics


I know a man who swears he is sane
Spent all his life fighting for his name
But legend has it that once he was good
But god betrayed him now he wants your blood

So off he went in search of destruction
Along the way he took the children of the night
He made a vow that if you should cross him
He'll give you something called eternal life

So if you want to die at sixty-eight
Don't look him in the eyes
Cause if you do he'll have you in his spell
You'll be one of those children of the night

Ah ha haaa

You'll start to notice when you sleep all the day
And every night you want to come out and play
You'd kill your mother and then you'd say,
Oh let's keep it in the family cause we all taste the same


Listen to them
The children of the night
What sweet music they make

Chorus (repeat 3x)

Ah ha ha haaa
You will live hell.

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