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Interviews Space avoid a switch South - November 2002 - Daily Post

Debbie Johnson

THE world of pop is a fickle one - and nobody knows that better than Space singer Tommy Scott. Tommy and the rest of the band are currently on the promotional trail for their new single, Zombies, out on Monday. According to him, the main point of it is to prove they're still around - and don't sound like the Beautiful South! He says: "We've been gone for a while. There were reasons for it, but people can't be expected to know that. For the time being, it is just a matter of letting everyone know we are still around, and still making music. We haven't split up, and we are still active."

One of the main reasons for Space's apparent time off has been a legal wrangle with their former record label. Tommy says: "It took us a year to get out of it. And we have basically recorded four versions of our album. But I don't mind that - I feel that each time, it got better and stronger. And I'm really pleased with the end product now. One of the problems we had in the past was that we felt we were being pushed in the wrong direction - like they were trying to turn us into the Beautiful South or something, when in fact we never wanted that at all, we just wanted to be a cult band."

The band, now minus Jamie, who has formed his own band, Firehead, are planning a major tour next year. Tommy says: "It will be a 30-date tour, probably in February or March, and hopefully by then, everyone will know that we are out and about again."

* Zombies is out on Monday (11 Nov). The album, Suburban Rock and Roll, is out early next year. Both are on Mutant Records.

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