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Interviews Tommy Interview - November 2002

Natalie Edwards

Space are back after an absence of two years with a new single, new album and have just finished a handful of low key dates around the country prior to announcing an extensive UK tour early next year.

The band released a brand new single 'Zombies' on 11th November on a new label, Mutant Records, founded by producer Stephen Lironi (who produced the band's debut 800,000 selling album 'Spiders' and has also worked with The Happy Mondays and Blackgrape amongst others) and Liverpool based manager Mark Cowley.

'Zombies' marks a true return to form and is taken from the band's third studio album, 'Suburban Rock & Roll' which will be released in early 2003.

Favourites from their new album alongside old favourites like 'Avenging Angles', 'Females Of The Species', 'Dark Clouds', 'Neighbourhood' and 'Me And You Verses The World' were played when the band took to the road for their low-key events.

Natalie Edwards speaks to Tommy from Space.

How did you get into the music business?
By total determination & persistence.

What is your favourite track from your new album 'Suburban Rock & Roll'?
Pretty Suicide. It's our little tribute to the band Suicide, from NYC.

What do you think the album says about you as a band?
That we're more prepared to risk our necks this time round.

What are we to expect from the album?
Diversity, Experimentation and a cracking good tune.

What do you feel you contribute to the music industry?
Something that you can't easily pigeonhole. So many bands seem to stay in the same place.

Do you feel that writing your own songs is important to you?

Do you think that singing live is important?
Personally, yes because I like the fact that things can be different every time.

Which performance has been your best?

Hillsborough Justice Benefit at Anfield. Nothing has ever moved me more.

Would you ever like to go solo?

Who would you like to banish from the music scene?
There's a place for everybody, but some places aren't as welcoming as some.

What's the best thing about the music industry?
Can't think of one, too many obstructions.

What's the worst thing about the music industry?
Too many obstructions for the artist.

What was the influence behind your new single 'Zombies'?
Basically, it's our little dig against the voyeuristic society that we all seem to be trapped in at the moment: Big Brother, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, Popstars, even Coronation Street, Eastenders, etc. People seem to forget that they have their own lives to lead. We've all become a bit numb to real experience.

How would you describe it?

What are you plans for the future?
Looking forward to the album release in March and the tour to promote it around the end of February/beginning of March.

What do you feel that you still have to achieve in the music business?
To be seen as a proper album band instead of a singles band.

What number do you hope the single will go to?

In the shops on Monday.

Where did the name for the band come from?
The ether.

Why did you decide to play low-key gigs?
We decided that it would be nice to start afresh with the new record and play places we haven't visited for sometime. Sometimes big venues can become a bit distant.