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Interviews Tommy - June 2002 -

Interview conducted through, now

Personal Details

Nickname: Squig/Tucker
Full Name: Thomas Scott
DOB: 18/2/1968

General Information

Do you have any pets? (Judy looked so cute in the Neighbourhood video!)
Judy passed away last year, we have a dog called Louie

Which musical instruments do you play and how/why did you decide to learn them?
Guitar/bass. I learned to play when punk happened. You didn't have to be any good.

What are your favourite types of music? What's in your stereo at the moment?
Punk/Hip Hop/Easy Listening

What was the most memorable gig you've attended (what band, where, why)?
Spizz Energi at Erics Club, My best band as a kid

If you could order all your fans to buy one album, which one would it be?
Black Sunday - Cypress Hill. Spiders wouldn't exist without it

Do you have a day job? If not, what was your last job before you became a member of Space?
A member of the Australians

When was the last time you spoke to your mum?!
Two days ago

Do you spend much time on the internet? If so what are your most visited sites?
I haven't got into it yet

Describe your ideal day out/holiday - where would you go and who would you take?
Blackpool with the family

Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years time?
Still makin the 3rd album

Are you proud to be from Liverpool?
Yes dad

Are you a romantic person? What's the most romantic thing you've ever done?
Lived in a Toilet Roll (eh?!!)

Do you get recognised a lot?
Only when I have the placard on me

What's the best present that a fan has given to you?
Elvis LP

How much personal meaning is there in Space songs?
Loads if you can find it

What's your favourite Space song?
Half an Angel

Do you try to push yourself as a musician and learn new things all the time?
Only to write better songs

What's your advice for anybody who wants to be in a band?
Don't take any shit from record companies

Would you like to play on Jools Holland's show?
The producer hates us

If you could work with anyone who would it be? Any future collaborations in the pipeline?
They're all dead. i.e. Elvis, Sinatra. I'm always on the lookout

Are we too nosy?!! No seriously - does it ever bother you, doing interviews and all that?
No I'm glad you still care

Record Companies

After your experiences with Gut has it made you more cautious with regard to signing with a new one?
Yes that's why we won't go with a major

How much of an influence would you allow a new record company to have on your music in the future?
Only if it benefits the music

In January it was suggested that there were a couple of possible deals in the pipelines, have you got any further with these, if so are you allowed to give any more details yet?
Yes we are signing to Heathen Records (Steve Lironi's Label - who produced the first album and who is producing the new one)

Any comments you would like to add?
Its really gonna happen

Jamies Departure

Was it purely his decision to leave or were there more factors involved?
Jamie wanted his songs to be singles

It's been about 3 months now, how do you feel about it now in comparison to at the time of the Unity gig?
It feels natural still

Do you feel you have changed much as a group since he left?
Yes we've lost the Oasis element

Has it had any effect on any songs written since then?
No we never wrote together

Have you kept in contact with him at all? Or heard any news about his new band?
We never kept in contact when he was in the band, and No

What are the chances, if any, of his returning to Space?

Any additional comments you would like to add about him?
Jamie always had his own band, a one man band

Future Releases and gigs

Have you got together enough material for the new album yet? And if so have you recorded any of it?
We've got more than enough, so B Sides at last will be good. By the time you put this out it will be finished

Have you come up with possible names for the new album? If so what is it/are they?
Suburban Rock 'N' Roll

Have any of the songs played at the Unity gig been considered for possible single releases? If so which would you like to see released?
I would like Quiet Beach

What have been your main influences when putting together the new material?
Oxfam Shops

How do you think that the legions of Nu-metal fans will react to the new Space album?
We've always had a Nu-metal influence to our music! Only Kidding!

What about fans of pop music? Will Space be in the charts again and do you even want to be?
Its about the music now if its meant to be it will be

What's your favourite song from the new material?
Quiet Beach

Are there any plans for a tour/promotional work within the next year? Will this come about the same time as an album release? If so any idea when it might happen?
See Yorkies answers for answer

Are there any plans to return to America or Japan? Perhaps with a new album or tour?
I hope so

Where do you get the ideas for the artwork on new releases? Would you consider using fans work in the future if it impressed you enough?
The band have started doing it themselves but fans are welcome to offer

Any other future release related comments?
I just can't wait to get out and see you face to face

And Finally...

A question we just had to ask - have you personally been to our SpaceFans website? If so any comments or suggestions for future improvement?
Yes when I'm in Yorkies recording we always visit. We think it should be the official one

As we have seen there are still a lot of dedicated Space fans out there. In just one sentence is there anything you would like to say to them all?
Thank God, Satan, Buddha or whoever you believe in for still loving us

Additional Comments (if required)