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The Web Remixes from Spiders

Remixes of songs from Spiders, Space's first album. The Web Remixes from Spiders was a USA-only release.

Promo CD

Released: 1997 (USA)
Catalog: U5P-1151


01. Welcome To The Neighbourhood (Remix by Franny Aspirin)
02. Neighbourhood (Live It! Club Mix)
03. Neighbourhood (Pissed Up Stomp Mix)
04. Female of the Species (Full On Remix)
05. Female of the Species (D'Still'd Remix)
06. Me and You Versus The World (Knickers Mix)
07. Me and You Versus the World (Remix by SX Dub)
08. Money (Space Club Mix)
09. Kill Me (Space Club Mix)
10. Neighbourhood (Aquarius Gurnell Catherine Wheel Road Dub Mix)
11. Nighthood Remix by Franny Aspirin