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About the Website is run by two Space fans; Paul and Donna Wolfenden. Want to get in touch? We can both be contacted through email.

Site History


Our Space website journey started in January 2002 after the free Space gig at the Unity Theatre in Liverpool. Following an amazing show we looked up the band online and were shocked at the lack of Space presence. With the official website at now years out of date, we set out to really put Space on the web by creating The site was updated frequently and it soon grew into the most comprehensive Space resource online. A few months later the official site disappeared off the internet for good, leaving our young fansite as a semi-official outlet for all the latest Space news.

2002-2003: v1 & v2

We acquired the domain once it had expired and with the blessing of the band we set out to create a brand new, up-to-date official website. We launched this new and improved site in September 2002. The design remained for over a year until another complete redesign was unveiled in January 2004 to coincide with the release of Suburban Rock 'n' Roll. Sadly, due to irreconcilable differences with the band's management, the new site was taken offline only 10 days after it launched.

2005-2011: v3

Fast-forward to August 2005 and word was spreading that Space had split-up. We decided now was finally the time to bring back the website. Initially we planned to put it back exactly as it was 18 months earlier, but one small design tweak led to another and before long putting the old site back turned into a complete redesign and overhaul of all the content. The end result went online a month later.

2011-Present: v4

When the surprise news came in November 2011 that Space were reuniting and performing a special hometown show, we immediately went back to work on a site refresh. Though many changes had occurred behind the scenes over the previous six years, the look had remained mostly the same, and the Suburban Rock 'n' Roll colours no longer felt appropriate. The new site echoes the look of 2002, while bringing new features and updated content.

The Webpeople

We're both long-term Space fans and all-around geeks. This website combines our shared loves of Space and making websites. Here's a little more about us...

Paul Wolfenden (PabUK)

My nickname is descended from school where it was just Pablo or Pab, with the UK suffix added later to make it a little more exclusive in the vastness of the internet. I started listening to Space in 1997 when my girlfriend Donna (yes, that one!) lent me her Neighbourhood single. I was instantly hooked and ended up borrowing her entire collection for several months! My first of many experiences of Space live was at Exeter University in 1998. I'm responsible for the design of the website, the code that powers it and some of the content.

Donna Wolfenden (Eiteews)

My nickname is simply another word spelled backwards - see? I first caught the Space bug at my best friend's house in 1996 after hearing 'Me and You Vs the World'. I went straight out and got the album Spiders and have been collecting Space stuff ever since. This collection now consists of almost everything Space released and quite a few things that never were! I first saw Space live at Exeter University in 1996. For the website I created a lot of the content, as well as designing the database that powers the discography and lyrics sections.


Thanks to all the awesome Space fans around the world. Thanks to the band that inspire us to work so hard on this website. Finally thanks to all the companies and individuals whose software we use in designing and maintaining the site.

Special Thanks

Adrian Wharton
Provided permission to use his images on the site.

Christopher Canty
Provided permission to use his images on the site.

Marc Fisher
Tested the 2005 site design before it went live and contributed missing information.

Dave Palmer (Yorkie)
Maintained communication between ourselves and the band and contributed content from 2002-2004.