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Tin Planet

Space's second album. Features artwork by The La's Mike Badger. Reached #3 in the UK album charts and spawned four singles. Sadly due to differences with the record label, Tin Planet was the last Space album released for six years.


Released: 1998-03-09 (UK)
Catalog: GUTCD5 (CD) / GUTLP5 (Vinyl) / GUTMC5 (Cassette)




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Ltd. Ed. CD

Released: 1998-03-09 (UK, Australia)
Catalog: GUTTIN5

Limited edition version of Tin Planet CD with a metal case.


Tin Planet + 2 CD

2 extra tracks were added for the Japanese release of Tin Planet.


01. Begin Again
02. Avenging Angels
03. The Ballad of Tom Jones
04. 1 O'Clock
05. Be There
06. The Man
07. A Liddle Biddy Help From Elvis
08. The Unluckiest Man in the World
09. Piggies
10. Bad Days (Remix)
11. There's No You
12. Disco Dolly
13. (Blank)
14. Fran in Japan
15. Stress Transmissions
16. Stress Transmissions (5 o'clock shadow mix)